Allergic to pets? This May Be Your Best Solution

As you know more and more people have indoor dogs and cats, and although they love their pets, and their pets provide an immeasurable source of love and happiness, many people are indeed allergic to their pets, and although the symptoms are sometimes subtle… constant exposure to the pets contribute to their other allergies.

Just as allergic people have more symptoms when pollen counts are high, so do the dog and cat allergic people have more symptoms when the dog and cat proteins are high.

Traditional medicine has advocated keeping the pets out of the house, or at least out of the bedroom, or even getting rid of them all together.

These methods are found to be unacceptable by many and therefore not followed.

Allergic symptoms due to pets can include sneezing, and nasal congestion, but can also include a propensity toward ear and sinus infections and asthma. Sometimes just having the pets around make other allergies (to pollen, mold) worse by a process known as Priming.

The best solution for the people prone to allergies to household pets would be a hypoallergenic dog or cat. That would mean they get to keep their furry friend without experiencing serious symptoms.

Herbal Science for Pets in Boulder, Colorado, has been working on this problem and has developed a natural herbal formula that is believed to reduce allergenic protein production in animals.

“Our scientific herbal formula makes your pet as hypoallergenic as possible. It can be given to PETS to decrease their protein production,” researchers say.

Tests conducted by the Colorado scientists have shown the amount of protein reduced to 1/3 of previous amounts. Current studies suggest the amount of protein your pet secretes determines the extent of the allergic reaction experienced by people. Therefore, with less protein fewer allergic symptoms would be expected, and more healthy productive days while enjoying the companionship of our pets.

Observations and studies suggest that the disposition of an animal, its sexual state, and its general secretory state may all play important roles in the production and secretion of allergenic proteins.

Pet Allergen Reducer has shown positive results in reducing the production of pet allergens measured in saliva, resulting in an overall decrease in allergic reactions to your pets, when used regularly over time.
Simply give 1 drop 2 times a day for dogs, and ½ to 1 drop 2 times a day for cats. This can be given on a common soft treat.

When you start the regimen, you should continue environmental control measures and medications suggested by your doctor.

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