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Cat Sitting (Vacation Care) in Port St Lucie, Florida

Pet sitters in Port St. Lucie: cats can greatly benefit from the caregiver home visits vs. boarding at a facility

PSL pet sitters offer cat sitting services in Port St. Lucie, Fl and the Treasure Coast area, which consist of visiting your cat(s) in your home while you travel. During pet sitting visits we provide fresh water and food, clean the litter box, provide cuddles, a brushing, playtime, and any other pet care services, as needed.

What you can expect during vacation care pet sitting in Port St. Lucie

We follow your routine as much as is possible.  Your cat’s emotional, and physical well-being and comfort are of paramount importance to us.  At your request, we will also bring in the mail & newspaper, take out the trash, water indoor plants, as well as rotate lights and blinds to give your house an “at-home” appearance.

We also check the entire house to make sure it is securely locked, and that everything is ‘ok’.

Extended Visits

We are happy to provide longer visits at your request. We also offer vacation care visits of 45 minutes and 60 minutes for pets who prefer more time and attention.

Potty Breaks

These pet sitting potty break visits are also ideal for pregnant women who cannot clean their cat’s litter box.

Most of these scheduled appointments take approximately 15 minutes and can be incorporated into other PSL pet sitting services.

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Great! You can review our Port Saint Lucie Pet SItters Pet Sitting and Dog Walking Q&A. If you would like to schedule a pet sitting appointment today, you can give us a call anytime, or email us to begin a free conversation with one of the top pet sitters in the Treasure Coast.

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